Jesus Saves Christian Life Centre is an Evangelical (charismatic/Pentecostal) tentmaker ministry.

The church operates and is partially supported by a business selling sandwiches.  This business also helps to support an associated school.

Jesus Saves Christian Life Centre began in 2010 and currently has 36 members It is based in Likuyani, Kenya, East Africa, Rift Valley Province, Kitale Eldoret Highway in Mlimani

The church has a ministry arm which is a day care school caring for about 30 children who could be classed as destitute and/or orphans.

It is the vision of the church leadership that a small plot of land be purchased
in order to allow for the construction of a church and home for the children under the church’s care.  This would enable them to be cared for in a
neutral ground.  The estimated cost of this plot of ground would be around
450 000 KSh.

Pastor Joel’s services are faithfully attended by over 25 adults.  The
people of Moi’s Bridge make a living from various micro-businesses
that offer their customers the basic necessities of a simple life.

Associate Churches are:
Soy Church – Ps Peter Merimugi & Burnt Forest Church Ps John Owate


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